Team spirit, professionalism, and the development of every collaborator are at the heart of our priorities!

OMNIA is recruiting young talented polyglots for the role of International Development Representative and confirmed managers to fill our open management positions; charged with organising, developing and overseeing our teams and projects abroad.

5 reasons to join OMNIA

A VIP clientèle at the heart of major issues
A group of talented people working on an international scale
A company that promotes high values: dedication, skill and constant refinement
A company where competence and wilfulness are recognised, and those who display it will make excellent earnings
Passionate men and women who believe in their work and are proud of it

Your profile

Graduate of a distinguished school, with 2 to 3 years proven field experience in English spoken international sales and negotiation. Bilingual English is imperative. You are capable of working solo or in a partnered work environment in any given country, for periods of 4 to 12 months, followed be the reassignment to another part of the globe.

An excellent sales representative and diplomat, you master international marketing and communication.

You possess exceptional capacities for adaptation and the comprehension of international markets, local political and economic leaders. Your natural social ease with world leaders allows you to quickly build a local network of influence.

Capable of the realisation of projects in competitive international markets, you have a taste for challenge.


To apply, please send your resume, cover letter and photo to